Everything goes back to the land

We decided to cultivate our vineyards using an organic method, respecting the land to which we owe everything, and the vines that give us the grapes to produce our wines. We steal only the juice from the vine and we give it everything else with gratitude and deep respect.

During the pruning phase the branches are ground and made available to the soil to restore the necessary organic substance to the plants.

The same is true for the “rejects” of the vinification, the pomace and the stems which are redistributed in the soil after they have contributed to give structure to our wines. We produce à maximum of 10,000 bottles per year knowing that if the vine produces just a little, that “little” is done very well; we bottle only when the moon allows it, because we produce wine that enters the bottle alive and natural.


We deeply believe in a grape variety, LAMBRUSCO. The desire to make the most of it made us choose the most complicated and the longest way to produce our wines: the second fermentation in the bottle. We let the wine rest on its lees for months and, before putting it on the market, we remove them through the disgorgement.

This requires time and dedication but it also rewards us with many satisfactions!

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